Tea Room

Tea Room

3 hour rental $200.00 + $75.00 security deposit

(deposit will be refunded with in 2-4 weeks as long as no damages have been done to the building)

30 to 50 people maximum.

Kitchenette Included




1 to 75 people requires 1 bartender

76 to 200 people requires 2 bartenders

Liquor Costs

Open Bar $13.50 per person. This includes beer, wine, Mixed drinks and soda.

Cash Bar set up $50Bartender fee $20 an hour per bartender plus 15% gratuity of bar bill

Beer (standard domestic)

½ keg $160.00 (156-12oz glasses)

¼ keg $85.00 (78-12oz glasses)

Budweiser, Bud lite, Coors, Coors lite, Miller MGD

Miller lite, Yuengling

Others ½ keg $270 Negara Modelo, Modelo Especial



Unlimited – $1.00 per person attending

Per Drink – $1.00



$30.00 for 5 liters

Types of wine Red (Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon)

White (Chardonnay, White Zinfandel)